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As part of the social activities, we strongly believe that the society or nation can have better tomorrow if only the spine of the society or the nation is strong, in tune with Swami Vivekananda's ideology i.e. working for any social change or reforms requires massive energy and spirit. Hence, Swamiji requested the youth of  India to amplify both their mental energies and physical fitness to built up a society that will harmonize both socio-economic and spiritual growth.


Therefore UKBFWS have come up with an idea to channelize its resources to motivate, inspire, encourage the youth generation at a different level. The youths have to be developed a proper vision and proper attitude towards every endeavor they undertake to manifest their capabilities at an optimum level.


The youth who are part of the academic institutions today will be part of the industry by means of employment or becoming entrepreneurship of tomorrow or any other profession or trade they opt for. The most important question is how they will execute their roles and responsibilities as a socio-professional being towards the profession they undertake in life.


We need committed, dedicated, devoted youths to build up a better tomorrow. Hence we are urging for conducting interactive sessions with the youths through workshops at different institutions and forums where we can implant the basic needs to developing Right Attitude for professional carrier among the youths and concept of Goal orientation and achieving it. The workshops will be conducted by industrially sound and experienced motivational speakers.


These workshops tend to cultivate the step by step process of building the right attitude, setting proper and balanced goals in life and achieving the same with a sublime process of motivating and inspiring the youths.     



To educate, endorse, encourage and develop the youth community to induce leadership skills, Goal Oriented thinking, Positive Attitude Building, and enhance capacity among the youth to achieve it and develop a better tomorrow.

Program Motto:

  • To Learn about  HUMAN CAPABILITIES and enhance the same.

  • Learning about the roles and responsibilities of a RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN of the Nation.


  • To conceive the idea of  “CAN DO”.

  • Learning about ETHICS, VALUES, and MORALITY in the social and professional context.

  • To conceive the idea of  “MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO” -"A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body"

  • Learning to set SMART GOALS and achieve the same in a stress-less manner and how they can outshine.

  • To RESOLVE PROBLEMS and be a CRISIS MANAGER at all levels of life.

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