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Journal of  Folk Cultural  Research (JFCR) is a peer-reviewed refereed,open-access journal that publishes papers on areas of Art, Culture, Historical Importance, Spirituality & Social issues It has extended its area by having an audiovisual archive know as the Digital Research Archive. JFCR only has an annual issue published every year and is online/digital version only.

Digital Research Archive is an extended research initiative to create a digital archive of the researched-based audiovisual documentaries. The archive is created to publish authentic research-based audiovisuals which fall under the areas of research mentioned here. Every documentary submitted must have a strong theoretical base. All submitted documentaries will be reviewed by experts in accordance with the publication guidelines and criteria. Documentary submitted for publication should not be priorly submitted or published at any other channel or social media and shall be uploaded to YouTube of  UKBFWS  channel only after expert review and recommendation for publication.

All the articles and documentaries submitted are suitably reviewed by experts. Prospective authors can submit their manuscript and documentary following the publication guidelines at along with the submission form.


Folk means 'common people'. The vision of “Journal Of Folk Cultural Research and Digital Research Archive“ is to encourage and orient the commoners, especially the younger generations towards research activities. Continuous and rigorous research and publication on the fields mentioned earlier have great significance and archival value.



To encourage, preserve and publish authentic research articles in the field of Art, Culture, History, Spirituality, Social issues and Heritage.

Areas of research:

  1. ART: Folk Art, Folk-Lore, Folk Music, Folk Instrument, Folk Tradition & Ethno Science.

  2. CULTURE: Ethnic Culture & Traditional Culture, Cultural Convergence or Divergence & Cultural Mixture.

  3. HISTORICAL IMPORTANCE:  National & International Historical Study.  

  4. SPIRITUALITY: Oriental Philosophy, Western Philosophy & Comparative study of spirituality with other disciplines.

  5. SOCIAL: Socio-Cultural, Socio–Developmental & Current social issues.

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