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"VASUDAIVAA KUTUMBAKAM" - THE IDEOLOGY FOR WORLD PEACE Maha Upanishad" By Smt. Arundhati Chaudhari & Research concept By Mr. Supratim Chowdhury.CMT - (the Year 2020)


Nowadays we are living in a turbulent world.Everywhere there is a sign of insecurity and crisis. At this juncture, if we follow the Vedic ideology:: "Vasudaivaa Kutumbakam " the world is one family, we can proliferate peace and harmony around the world

"Life Around Strings: RAVANHATHA" By Smt. Arundhati Chaudhari - (the Year 2020)


Ravanhatha or Ravana Hastha Veena is one of the ancient bowed stringed folk musical instruments of the Indian subcontinent. Its rustic folk appeal makes it so popular that many Bollywood songs have been influenced by it with the massive popularisation of cultural tourism in Rajasthan, many folk musicians nowadays are engaging in performing pieces of folk songs of Rajasthan simultaneously to popular Bollywood numbers at various heritage sites for earning a livelihood. Performing arts nowadays are more inclined toward modern fashionable musical instruments forgetting the original, ancient folk instruments and Ravanhatha has also been an unfortunate victim.

NATIONAL ANTHEM of INDIA, "THE VOICE OF BAUL" By Supratim Chowdhury - (the Year 2016)


It’s time to commit ourselves to the soil of the country. It is a unique endeavor to present the National Anthem of India written by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore in baul format with visualization of “Gram Bangla” May we stand united, may we feel our country as just not a piece of land but as “MA”

Bengal's Baul By Supratim Chowdhury - (the Year 2012)  


This snapshot documentary depicts the approach of lifestyle and spiritual ideology of the native clans of Bengal popularly known as Baul. It is our sincere endeavor to portray the various forms of Baul music having a close association with nature and aiming towards spiritual liberation.

The visualization facet in this documentary is based on ‘snapshots’ and images of ‘work of art’ collected from the internet and other sources, compiled with a folk melody composed with a shade of modernization..

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