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Baulana is the belief of the contemporary reformation of music. We act as an impulse to rejuvenate the sublime musical assets of the past with a blend of the present. We believe in the unification of music, as a result, we nurture the tunes to give the best combination out into world music. We have started our journey in the year 2012 making Indian folk music our base. We only believe in music and respect its every genre to give the best possible outcome. Baulana is a part of the present musical revolution and we fight like martyrs to give music the best position in every human heart. 

Our Team:

Baulana folk band is a team of prominent and dedicated musician associate together since 2012 to promote the FOLK MUSIC of Bengal. Our music depicts the core concept that music is itself a path to self realization and spiritual liberty. This very concept of self realisation has always revealed in most of the traditional composition of the Baul tradition. We at BAULANA sincerely trying to put forward our composition comprises of the Folk conventional pattern along with Western instrumentation effects which creates transcend state and helps towards Inner Journey to “Self” of an individual.

Our Achievements:

  • Received “HELLO KOLKATA EXCELLENCE AWARD 2013” in folk music.

  • Performed at “Nabamitali Sabpayachir Ashar” and received the Certificate of Excellence.  

  • Performed at “Galaxy Corporate Meet” and received wide admiration.

  • Cultural Centre” (EZCC) under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

  • Performed at “Baitanik Akhara” an initiative bybanglanatak dot com and has been recognized and awarded the certificate of appreciation.

  • The first album released “Cosmic Baul” at Ta aam by eminent western folk singer Sri Susmit Bose.

  • Certificate of Excellence 2015 received from “Shristhi” and performed.

  • Amrito Megher Bari“ a project on the Indian Vedantic system and baul compiled and presented by Baulana at Srijan TV.

  • Performed “BAUL RABI” at Endless Journey of Tagore organised by Srishti.

  • Performed at “Yuva Music Festival” organised by Academy of music excellence in Association with Alliance Francise Du Bengale.

  • Performed at Oxford Book Store on World Music Day 2015 organised by  Alliance Francise Du Bengale.

  • Performed at Faridabadh Durga Bari, RPS Colony Durga Puja, C.R. Park Cooperative Ground, Charmud Village SurjaKund & Green Field Bengali Association Durga Puja 2017

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